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Metal Tin Stash Storage Case Syndicase

Metal Tin Stash Storage Case Syndicase
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420 theme and other design print metal tin case for tobacco stash storage. From leading stash storage manufacturer V-Syndicate, also known as Syndicase.

Many would think metal tin case???? In recent modern gadget time, are you for real???

I should go ahead, confront it and say, "yes why not, don't forget OLD IS GOLD"

Adopting and going with the flow is term these days, I totally agree. But there are many adore same old traditional things, and if you get that with modern twist. Than why not.

Syndicase are one of these few products. They are very elegant design with modern print theme. Pocket size tobacco stash storage tin case. 

We at, has elected some very nice print theme metal tobacco tin case. Easily fit into pocket and purse. Carry where every you like to take it. It is most ideal tin case to fix your cigi on move and on quick way, as almost most things are there to roll your joint.


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