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Rolling Papers Collection From Major Brands

Rolling Papers Collection From Major Brands
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Broad collection of rolling paper skins from major brands, in size and flavoured theme format to purchase online from London based online Headshop,

When it comes to select cigarette rolling papers, every one has that one name in mind and easily available in market, and that is Rizla. Most people referred cigarette rolling papers as Rizla.

We are here to introduced you to whole new range on smoking rolling papers. Not just Rizlas! We got major brands e.g RAW, OCB, Juicy Jays, Hornet, Bull Brand, Mascotte, Smoking, Swan, Zig Zag and many more available to buy online from London based smoking headshop.

Although there are many brands and types available for smoking rolling papers. It is always confusing to chose what will be best for you. Now this selection is really a user dependent. 

We know this that, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. So does their taste and choices are! So choosing right rolling paper is really depends on your taste, and not on your friend's opinion. Your friend opinion does matter, but taste is all about you.

So we are giving you wide range to select the taste. Most rolling papers falls into;

Size, (i.e regular, 1 1/4, king size)

taste, (i.e flavoured or non-flavoured),

making method, (i.e bleached, non-bleached, organic, chemicals etc.)

gum used, (i.e natural, chemical based)

quality of paper, (slow burn, tear resistance, transparent etc.)

cost, (price is always matter)

availability. (it needs to available when in need)

We are carrying well stock and well sourced of all our rolling papers brands, and not trying to sell you every rolling papers in market. We are picking up, which are best and fulfil all most rolling paper requirement.

Come and have a look on it, I am sure you going to agree on this.


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