Lighter alternative?

A lighter is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to combust dry herb when smoking a bowl or firing up a joint. They’re compact, inexpensive, and reliable, and every dry herb smoker should have one on hand.However, there are alternative ways to light dry herb that you may not know about. Some are a bit off-the-wall and work well for a goo...
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How to roll joint?

The joint is one of the most iconic ways to consume dry herb, and it’s a great way to enjoy the flavor of flower. Every dry herb smoker should know how to roll a joint.There are countless opinions on the different ways of rolling one up, but whatever you do, make sure your creation burns smoothly and evenly.How much dry herb is in a joint?When s...
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How to use herb grinder?

Why do you need a grinder for herb/tobacco?A grinder is a tool used to break down dry herb into small bits so they are a similar size and consistency. Dry herb is commonly ground down for rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs, but can also be done for packing bowls in pipes and bongs for a smoother, more consistent burn. Types of dry herb grinders...
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