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Black Pink 420 Leaf Metal Rolling Tray Set


Fully loaded black pink 420 leaf theme metal rolling tray set includes grinders, papers, baggies, pre-rolled cones, lighter, roaches etc.


420 Black Pink Metal Rolling Tray Set Paper Tips Grinder Lighter Pipe Lolly 22ps

Tray dimension : 27cm x 16cm

Set Includes ;

1 x 420 Pink Green Leaf Rolling Tray.

1 x Pink Mascotte Kingsize Paper.

1 x Hornet Grape Kingsize Paper.

1 x Hornet Rasta Kingsize Paper.

1 x Hornet Greenleaf Kingsize Paper.

1 x Juicy Jay Bubblegum Kingsize Paper.

3 x Pink Jumbo Pre Rolled Cones(1 Pack).

1 x Novelty Filter Roach Booklet.

3 x Bob Marley random design roaches.

1 x Lighter (Random).

1 x Juicy Jays Cotton Candy Roll.

1 x Lollipops Bubblegum THC free.

1 x 9cm Metal Smoking Pipe.

1 x 5pc Metal Filter Screen (1pack).

1 x Orbit Extra White Chewing Gum.

1 x Plastic Tube.

2 x Rasta Leaf Smelly Proof Bag(130cm x 90cm).

1 x Plastic Herb Grinder 60mm 2 part (Random).

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